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Body Notes: Also known as the heart or middle notes of the fragrance: this is the perfume's dominant scent.

Body Lines: Include shower gels, body lotions, balms, soaps and talcs developed to smell exactly like the perfume to allow for layering. Carrier oil, base oil, and diluents are vegetal (- usually mechanically pressed from seeds, nuts of plants, trees etc.), and are represented by fixed oils such as almond, coconut, jojoba and sunflower etc.

If you love wearing perfumes, choose the sample of perfumes to go with your purchase. Because of this, it is wise to get a free sample of a perfume and test how it smells first before actually buying a whole bottle of the perfume.

Bruno Banani Calvin Klein Daisy Marc Jacobs Escada Fleur (only USA) Gucci Hugo Boss | Sample Tracker James Bond 007 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette?

Layering makes a fragrance last longer as it adds another 'layer' of scent to the skin.

Middle notes: Also known as the heart of the fragrance: this is the perfume's dominant scent.

Layering: Using various different scented products to build up layers of scent e.g.

shower gel, then deodorant, then body lotion then perfume.

Depending on your skin type pure perfume can last for up to 6 hours as it has the highest concentration of perfume oil in it. Spicy: Warm and punchy, enhanced with exotic spices such as clove oil, cinnamon, ginger and lavender.

Heart: middle notes of the fragrance: this is the perfume's dominant scent.

Juice: This is the word used by the fragrance industry to describe the actual liquid perfume.

Smelling perfume testers, meanwhile, doesn't give you enough time to let each scent set in because you usually attempt to smell as many as you can in a period of time.

In the end you get scent fatigue, a condition wherein you can't distinguish the different scents from each other anymore.

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When a perfume maker launches a new scent, they usually concentrate a part of the page where their perfume is advertised with its scent.